• Without the US, the UN is financially and morally bankrupt

    Hydroloop Team | 09 Oct 2018

    The UN is funded by its member countries whose contribution is assessed every 3 year which is based on the GNP, (Gross National Products). The largest source of revenue or most United Nations organizations is funding from national governments.

    Countries Contribute The Most To The United Nations

    From the UN website; as of 2 October 2018, the “Committee on Contributions” to the United Nations Regular Budget:, 143 Member States have paid their regular budget assessments in full receiving a total of US$1.7 billion. But there is 144 countries and the US is not listed. We have sent an email asking the reason why US is not listed and still awaiting reply.

    It is clear that the US is stopping some of the UN funding, especially regarding CO2 “Carbon Taxes” Scam signaling the difficulty of the New World Order System, the Global Warming Scam, and other Fear mongering the UN is best for.

    Advances of Capital Fund for the biennium 2018–2019 PDF

    UN “Committee on Contributions” Received for 2018



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