2016-2030 Springs/Summers

Stage 1: colder Springs/Summers, crops lost around the world

Click 2018 for Grand Solar Minimum Weather Condition with increase  temperature anomalies, larger amount of H2O circulation and cold polar vortex trajectory variations right now

Click 2016 for Brazilian Arabica Coffee Crop 36% Loss from Cold, Bananas 70%, Argentina 30% Raisin Losses, wheat down 10%French Wheat Production Down 30%, 32% drop in Total Wine & Champagne Production. USA Barley and Oat Yields Down. Immense Continental Floods: China a Perfect Match, 300 Million EvacuatedRice Crop Wipe out India NE States & Upper Myanmar. Arctic cold blast rips through New Zealand North IslandFEMA representatives came out and said that food shortages will abound by 2025 and food prices will rise by 395%Even average surface temperature increases, more H2O and air movement with different temperature across the Earth, across shorter periods will cause food production damages.

2017-2027, all year round

Stage 5: Surface albedo drops drastically year on year

Powerful winds bring large amounts of water from the sub-tropics dropping it North-East and South-East from its source unless restricted by massive mountain ranges like the Himalayas. This grows massive glaciers at an average rate of 30 meters every year.

That's why there are so many distractions in the news; from the US-Chinese-Russian tension, Brexit, refugee crisis, Ukraine conflict (Russian food basket), Middle-East, #FalseFlag(s), to the South China Sea dispute to steer everybody heads away from Grand Solar Minimum or Mini Ice-Age.

And if you do just set all of these distractions aside and look back this way where they don't want you to look, there is a major tsunami of societal changes coming.

2016-2030 Rainy/Snow zone Seasons

Stage 2: Air Albedo begins to drops, Atmospheric Compression Events

As #SolarCycle24 sunspots weaken, more cosmic rays bombard Earth atmosphere, increasing lower and thicker cloud formation, but longer interval, stronger solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun kick into gear. If turn into an Earth facing position, it will cause strong quakes, volcanic explosions and expect more geomagnetic storm at Earth’s upper atmosphere, stronger  near North Pole, increasing more localized cloud formation wherever water vapor is abundant.

These clouds reflect sunlight away from the planet’s surface, thus cooling earth atmosphere below the clouds. With a greater temperature differential between covered and uncovered air; between different heat storage capacity of rock, greens, water (water store 6 times more energy than air and Oceans has the Great Conveyor Belt for heat distribution), earth crush (volcanoes, primary water cycle temperature), increase atmospheric pressure differentials leading more temperature fluctuation even with higher average.

Slow during MIA, but intense during IA

Stage 6: Glaciers volume & weight increase

The weight of the every growing glacier pushes the landmass down into the magma below it, this triggers earthquakes all over the planet as the interlocking tectonic plates now have to adjust the new interacting angles, reducing sea depth near equator. Malacca Strait, Hormuz Strait, Suez and Panama Canals will be dry lands and inter Oceanic sea routes will be cut off.

The magma pressure will blow up ices and leads to more volcanic eruptions below the 60th parallel. Most of the world’s super volcanoes are located in this area; if any of these supervolcanoes has enough magma to erupt from the growing magma pressure, the effects will not be regional like the volcanoes in stage 4 but global. The cooling effect by one of these supervolcanoes is so powerful that even a rise in solar activity will have no effect for at least 500 years.

2017-2030, out of seasons Storms

Stage 3: Wind Driven Storms Gain More Power with Every Passing Year

Enhanced by geoengineering, the colder the atmosphere, the greater the difference in air pressure between the equator and the poles and between oceans and air temperature, leading to ever growing powerful storms with rare out of season storms. The longer the cooling continues the stronger the wind driven storms become. The growing Arctic cyclones will become so large that it will meet with moisture air, enhanced by increased cosmic rays (CERN CLOUD, Svensmark),  to create snow/rain as far south from the North Pole as the Sahara Desert. To attempt to justify Global Warming sham in order to get credit tax funds, the government, corporations, the military, and commercial airlines increased Sun Radiation Management programs will create regional air temperature differentials, strong winds, and snow/rain falls even more.

2018-2035, harsh thousands of years after

Stage 7: Ocean conveyor belt Changes

Many scientists are warning that the North Atlantic will cool down. Paradoxically, global warming would be to blame.

The path of the Ocean conveyor belt follows changes, restricted by a growing ice sheets at the poles and dropping ocean levels worldwide. This cooling effect will first be felt in Northern Europe then the East Coast of Russia, as the cooling continues, it will bring severe cooling to West coast of South America and New Zealand when the gap between Chile and Antarctica freezes over. Such a shutdown has happened in the past, drastically altering the world’s climate in just a matter of years.

For unknown reasons, about 950,000 years ago, Earth's ice-age/warm hollidays cycles suddenly lengthened, from 41,000 years to 100,000 years.

Weak 2017, stronger to 2030

Stage 4: Air Albedo drops further in the North and South, days become darker

Coastal volcanoes and above the 60th parallel (north/south) start to erupt in a chain reaction; thus bringing regional cooling. For example, if an Icelandic volcano has enough magma to erupt, it will bring cooling to Europe. As volcanoes erupt, H2O trapped in the troposphere absorbs solar energy before it can heat the surface. The increase of cloud created from the #geoengineering (weather midification, chemtrail) sprayed heavy metals, chemical gases with water vapor in the atmosphere will reflect more solar energy back into space before it reaches the atmosphere below it and the earth’s water and land surface; thus increase temperature anomalies, air and H2O circulation and polar vortex trajectory variations even further.

Year 2800, to year 92,800

Stage 8: the world deep ocean cools down

The world’s oceans are so deep that it takes over 800 years to cool down. Cold water absorbs CO2 while warm water releases CO2.
The world’s oceans are now sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere which has catastrophic effects on the plant life growing on land; however, phytoplankton and water plants are blooming at this point due to high levels of CO2 in the water. High levels of phytoplankton are not always a good thing since when they die in large numbers the rotting plankton pushes carbon 12 and CO2 levels even higher suffocating fish. As greenhouse gas water vapor plummets, cold water releases less water vapor then warm water. This cools the planet even more. 
The land temperature difference between night and day becomes extreme because there are very little greenhouse gases left to trap heat.

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