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  • The Mathematics of the Next Ice Age, or #GrandSolarMinimum

    The Mathematics of the Next Ice Age, or #GrandSolarMinimum

    How does it Start and when?
    The amount of heat in terms of total radiation received by the earth is subject to a physical formula called the inverse-square law.

    In physics, an inverse-square law is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.
    In other words, if the distance is 2 then only a quarter of the radiation is received. If the distance is 4 then only a sixteenth of the radiation is received and so on.

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    Why 2024 is Important, it will be the last 2 stages to begin

    In 2024 all of the large planets will be on the same side of the earth's orbit as part of a phenomenon called the Milankovitch cycle. This happens every 100,000 years BUT on this occasion, the elongation will occur when earth northern hemisphere is in winter, knowing that the Ocean masses are mostly allocated at the South hemisphere. As those planets will rotate near Earth, many gas giants alignment will occur, see:, followed by different sorts of feedbacks;
    ☑ first the air (jet stream bend), then
    ☑ liquids: Oceans Conveyor Belts bend to charge colder Antarctic water with the North Atlantic loop section charged with less heat or avoiding Western Europe altogether in time,
    ☑ followed by the entire planet Earth receiving less energy from the Sun, but how much less?

    Because the distance change is so small many people who have not calculated it assume the effect will be trivial however bear in mind:
    1. Humanity has never seen one of these events
    2. They are known to trigger rapid glaciation

    27.6899986416540364 percent drop in solar radiation.

    A 13% difference in distance will give us a reduction in solar radiation of almost a third on the scale of the solar system.

    This is how Ice Ages get started. With rapid glaciation caused by as little as ten years (2019-2029) of extreme cold and increased snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere.

    This produces a 'lock-in' effect due to ice and increased cloud extending the period of unusual (for us) cold.

    Food, comfortable living, transport, economy, will be affected leading to war
    How we are going to solve it?

    Global Risks and Solution Summary

little ice age has started

Mini Ice Age

Climate Change LIES

Ice Age now

Ice Age Farmer

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