Summer 2016
  • New Zealand North Island Snow and Wind

    Aug 15, 2016

    The north island of New Zealand which receives a dusting of snow every 15 years or so, was pummeled with 3 feet and 120 mph winds over the last week. So rare was the event that the word Unfathomable was used in the media.

  • French Wheat Loss Now 30% & Argentina Wheat 10% Cold Damage

    Aug 8, 2016:

    30% loss in French Wheat yield due to floods and harvest not due for another month. Argentina loss of 2016 wheat crop of 10% due to cold and wet. French Rapeseed below 5 year average and UK Blackberries a month behind ripening schedule.

    As reported earlier, China has lost 80% of their food production and many countries across the globe. We are headed for food crisis equivalent to the 1645-1850 Great Famines that forced the Europeans invasion of Americans and Australian lands. That why they speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and French in Australia, and New-Zealand. But this time, there is nowhere else to emigrate to, but only redeveloping poor lands and go out or floating on the Oceans.

  • Rice Crop Wipe out India NE States & Upper Myanmar

    With raging floods across China wiping out $100 Billions in crops and displacing 300 million people, you could expect to the west in the Indian Himalaya there would be flooding as well. Record floods washing away rice growing regions in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh, rice harvests will be down this year in India.
  • Immense Continental Floods: China a Perfect Match, 300 Million Evacuated

    Over the months of June and July 2016, China received over 6 feet of rain in the major crop growing areas of the entire country. Dams and Levees broke and over topped which further flooded farmlands, cities and towns. Two years worth of rain in weeks. The current evacuation and displaced individuals tops 300 million. This is the story that will pull grain stocks from around the world.
  • Grand Solar Minimum Effects has begun with 32% drop in French Total Wine&Champagne Production

    July 22, 2016:

    Total French wine&Champagne production including generic wines may drop 32 percent to the lowest since 2003; Champagne production may slump 27 percent to 1.65 million hectoliters, Wine output is set to drop 7.9 percent to 44.1 million hectolitres, the equivalent of 5.9 billion bottles.

  • French Wheat Production Down 22%, USA Barley and Oat Yields Down

    Jul 24, 2016:

    French Government media reporting a 10% decline in French wheat production, but independent analysts put the loss at 22% due to mold, plant viruses and blight on crops remaining that will be sub-standard animal feed. In the USA wheat yield dropped form 48 bushels per acre to 45 bushels and Barley yields dropped 35% and Oats 17%.

  • Brazilian Arabica Coffee Crop 36% Loss from Cold, Bananas 70%, Argentina 30% Raisin Losses

    Jul 22, 2016:

    Brazil suffering record cold temperatures again in July 2016 after a cold wave that damaged agriculture in June 2016. Arabica coffee beans stand at 36% loss, bananas 70% loss in Ribeira, Argentina 30% loss of raisin production and Chile clementine 30% increase. The grand solar minimum is here, South America is repeating the normal pattern expected climate wise during the GSM.

  • JULY Snow on Six of the Seven Continents

    Snow has fallen on six of the Earth's seven continents in July 2016. This runs contrary to claims of the warmest year ever. The Grand Solar Minimum has commenced, and instead of combining global resources to prepare our citizens, the rhetoric of warmest year ever continues. When the cooling commences this winter, governments will be changed as food prices skyrocket.
  • Mini Ice-age comes earlier than thought

    The second unexpected and extremely rare snow falls on the mountains of Venezuela in the Sierra Culata National Park which shows definitively that the grand solar minimum has begun. Sunspots drop off a cliff and ozone hole formation and the Pacific typhoon season both have the latest start ever recorded.

    Police State is about to be enforced in tandem with western economic collapses starting in the US, followed by Europe, UK, Russia and China. It's all connected to this real climate change.

  • 95% Probability Repeat 1972/73 La Nina: Lack of Typhoons in Pacific Record

    With the longest number of days between formation of west pacific typhoons at 199 days, we can compare that new record to the old 1972-1973 record at 198 days. This gives confirmation which La Nina we will repeat. Looking back in the 1973 weather headlines, tornadoes across USA are epic, drought in Mediterranean, blizzards in USA, record cold across South America, and wet in Australia.
  • July SNOW Western USA, Atlantic Ice Whirlpools & the "Cold Blob" Switched Oceans

    Brazil suffering record cold temperatures again in July 2016 after a cold wave that damaged October like temps are expected across the western USA along with SNOW over the next week well into July. Interesting how the warmest year ever has snow in July. A unique ice whirlpool visible from space off the coast of eastern Canada. The "Cold Blob" has switched oceans and become hot, well at least in the media.

    In June 2016. Arabica coffee beans stand at 36% loss, bananas 70% loss in Ribeira, Argentina 30% loss of raisin production and Chile clementine 30% increase. The grand solar minimum is here, South America is repeating the normal pattern expected climate wise during the GSM.

  • Tropical Australia Freezes & Atmospheric Compression Hail Deluges Planet Wide

    Australia receives 70 cm/ 2.3 feet of snow across the mountains and tropical vegetation shivers under the weight of inches of snow. More atmospheric compression events across the planet from West Virginia USA, Netherlands to mega hail in China.
  • Shift in cyclones activity

    Shift in cyclones activity

    The frequency of hurricane strikes in the US peaked in the 1880's, and has since plummeted while the Pacific typhoons skyrocket. That means the US is getting less and less freshwater while East Asia receives more and more freshwater.

    In addition to unpredictable risks of supervolcanic explosion, quakes and predictable colder weather, drought and financial hyperinflation or deflation crisis, this is one more reason to move development to South East Asia because there are: - more freshwater available, - cheaper labors, - warm weather, - higher altitude and stable landmasses for water storage & longer distribution range without pumping and with more kinetic energy harvest gains in addition to untapped oil and gas reserve in South China Sea rather than continue to develop North America East Coast, Europe, Russia and China which will, above all, be affected.

  • Western Typhoons increase

    More tropical cyclones form in the tropical western North Pacific than anywhere else in the world. More than 25 tropical storms develop each year, and about 18 become typhoons. These typhoons are the largest and most intense tropical cyclones in the world. Each year an average of five generate maximum winds over 130 knots; circulations covering more than 600 miles in diameter are not uncommon. Most of these storms form east of the Philippines, and move across the Pacific toward the Philippines, Indochina (Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam), China, and Japan; a few extra storms form in the South China Sea. The peak of the season is July through October, when nearly 70 percent of all typhoons develop. There is a noticeable seasonal shift in storm tracks in this region. From July through September, storms move north of the Philippines and recurve (see below), while early- and late-season typhoons move on a more westerly track through the Philippines before recurving.
  • At the beginning of the season, tropical cyclones usually move to the west, south of the subtropical ridge where generally easterly winds prevail. At any point along this track, if there is a weakness in the subtropical ridge, then the tropical cyclone may turn north. Once on the poleward side of the subtropical ridge, westerly winds prevail and these steering currents push the tropical cyclone back to the east. For example, a typhoon moving through the western Pacific may take a turn to the northeast of Taiwan, and then recurve to the northeast and skirt the coast of Japan as the typhoon encounters steering currents from, first the southwest, and then from the west.

    In 2015, nearly half (44%) of Tropical cyclones form during the period of 24 August to 08 September, half of them move straight westward ending in Laos.

  • End of interglacial warm holidays

    Discounting any unpredictable super volcanic activities, the coldest first portion of the global 21st Century Ice Age Glaciation climate caused by a “solar hibernation” (a pronounced reduction in warming energy coming from the Sun) is expected to be reached by the year 2021 followed by the first temporary reversals, first ice melting from 2035.

    After that point, we will return back to longer, colder temperature starting from the second half of the 21st Century to Ice Age Glaciation and will last for almost 100,000 years.

  • Northern Hemi Jet Stream Crosses Equator & Potsdam Institute 100% Sure of Grand Solar Minimum

    250 millibar wind jet stream crossed from Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere and joined that flow for two days, literally pole to pole wind flow over the equator. Strange anomalies in the stratospheric zonal flow as well. Will this move the Hadley Cell more north greening the deserts of Africa and usher in a drought in Europe?
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