How the Sun’s 11-Year Solar Cycle Works
  • Is the sun activity affects Earth climate and weather ? 

    If yes, how would Governments tax the sun?

    The fact that the UN IPCC and CMIP5 climate models (through which governments use to formulate trillions of dollars of taxpayers money on climate policy, schemes and scams: dismiss the sun as having anything to do with climate change aka global warming, should be the biggest hint of the nefarious agenda of the UN IPCC who set the “human-made” climate narrative.

    God forbid that the sun has anything to do with climate change! How would one be able to blame evil mankind and its evil trace gases such as CO2 (co2), if the sun were a key driver?

  • Each day, 170 million Gigawatts, over 7 thousand times the power that humanity consumes rains down on Earth surface triggering a wave of activity that never ceases. So if the sun activities such as the coronal mass ejection (CME) and the sunspots activities fluctuates how it is possible to believe that Earth climate and weather, the plants and other lives are not affected by the sun. The CME frequency of ejections depends on the phase of the solar cycle: from about one every fifth day near the solar minimum to 3.5 per day near the solar maximum.
  • Solar cycle 24, matching cycle 5

    #SolarCycle24 began on January 4, 2008, but there was minimal activity until early 2010. In early 2013, after several months of calm, the active 2011 was not a prelude to a widely predicted late 2012-early 2013 peak in solar flares, sunspots and other activity. This unexpected stage prompted some scientists to propose a "double-peaked" solar maximum, which then occurred. The first peak reached 99 in 2011 and the second peak came in early 2014 at 101, and will bottom out by 2021.

    The #SolarCycle25 is expected to match cycle 6 that lasted 12.4 years, beginning in December 1810 and ending in May 1823, thus falling within the Dalton Minimum.

  • What is clear from the study of past climate is that many recipes of factors can influence climate: solar activityoscillations in Earth’s orbit, Lunar modulation, greenhouse gases (95% H2O, 0.05% CO2), ice cover, vegetation on land (or the lack of it), the configuration of the continents, Ocean current change, heat/dust thrown up by asteroidsvolcanoes or wind, the weathering of rocks, applied technologies,  planetary/gas giants alignment, stars alignment, galactic alignment, solar system travelling through different cosmic forces, across different elements, and so on.


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