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Joint ESA-NASA Ulysses mission report

Interstellar plasma streams study by Ulysses/Swoops programs:

Interstellar plasma streams study by Ulysses/Swoops programs discovered that space is made of plasma and there are streams of regular intervals coming from the Crab Nebula, an electric pulsar discharge of regular intervals, with different density crossing our solar system travelling path. It is suggested that these streams correspond to the Holocene climate variation discrediting anthropogenic Global Warming resulting in shutting down Ulysses/Swoops funding.

Back in 1992, the radio and plasma wave experiment on board Ulysses detected radio signals from Jupiter's southern hemisphere that had a strikingly repetitive behaviour.

Like a slowly revolving lighthouse, the source of these signals sent out bursts of radio waves approximately every 40 minutes. Unlike a lighthouse, however, the Jovian source was not present continuously. Typically, these so-called "Quasi-periodic", or QP-40 bursts were present for several hours, only to fade away and reappear a number of hours later. In concert with the radio signals, other experiments on Ulysses measured quasi-periodic bursts of energetic electrons. More recently, NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory detected similar QP-40 pulsations in X-rays emitted in hot spots in Jupiter's northern polar regions. Although not fully understood, all of these phenomena seem to be triggered by streams of high-speed solar wind hitting Jupiter's magnetosphere.

The Solar Modulation, due to the solar activity, affects the Local Interstellar Spectrum (LIS) of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). This process is originated from the interaction of GCRs with the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) and its irregularities.

The IMF is the magnetic field that is carried outwards during the solar wind expansion. The interplanetary conditions vary as a function of the solar cycle which approximately lasts eleven years. In a solar cycle, when the maximum activity occurs, the IMF reverse his polarity. Thus, similar solar polarity conditions are found almost every 22 years.

  • The Crab Nebula, an electric pulsar discharge of regular intervals charging Oort Cloud.

    The Crab Nebula, an electric pulsar discharge of regular intervals charging Oort Cloud.

    Putting the scale of Solar Wind pressure measured by Ulysses in 1998 at 100%; - in 2008, the Solar wind pressure decreased 70%, - in 2015, the Solar wind pressure potentially at 50%, - by 2030, the Solar wind pressure will potentially at 0% Ulysses also measured: a 20% increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays flux, a 30% reduction in the underlying magnetic field, From 2030, solar temperature wil diminish. The sun will go inactive with 70% less energy potentially by 2050, the Ice-Age begins.

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