Grand Solar Minimum and Global Solution

      The Earth climate average, not weather ( is repeating a +/-400 year cycle, ➤ as well as the sun and other bigger masses ( are the main drivers of our planet and other planets of our solar system, not tiny CO2 (, nor humans.

    Shorter agricultural season length combined with extreme weather will reduce food available for next year and will be more severe by 2021-2024.

    The regular Joe does not know what’s going on. Our livelihood is at risk. As Galactic Cosmic Rays continue to intensify under our quiet sun, staggering agricultural catastrophes abound.

    More cosmic rays mean more cloud condensation nuclei, meaning more cloud coverage when and where water vapor is abundant [CERN CLOUD Experiment]. Over ionized atmosphere means increased energy and electrical charge:

     These rays can penetrate the ground where they interact with silica-rich magma chambers and increase volcanic gaseous pressures, release, then eruptions.
     Storms are more frequent some more intense, threatening crops, disrupt transportation…

    Large solar eruptions decrease Earth’s cloud cover, and clouds are known to affect global temperatures. The Sun’s energy output and the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) do affect our planet’s weather in repeating cycles.

    Sunspot activity waxes and wanes with roughly an 11-year cycle, and through +/- 400 years of sunspot observation, it seems we are starting to repeat a cold period. The Sun influences the climate by altering the intensity of the cosmic-ray flux reaching the Earth’s surface:

    When the sun is more active–more sunspots, a stronger magnetic field, larger auroras, stronger solar winds, etc.–fewer cosmic rays strike the earth and cloud cover is reduced, resulting in warmer temperatures.

    Fewer sunspots, Earth’s magnetic field is weakening setting into motion a chain of events which causes destabilizing of Earth’s fluids – mostly of magma and also oceans and ice.

    These natural cyclical events cause the shifting of weather patterns, climate, elevated earth changing events such as drought, flood, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc…

    The sun is not subtle at all keeping all life possible down here on planet earth. The sun, when aroused puts out a higher velocity of solar wind that protects the earth from cosmic rays.

    During periods of low solar activity, which we are now experiencing, the solar winds decrease allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate the earth atmosphere, which increases cloud formation, which would be the main cooling mechanism from the diminished solar activity.

    The combined effects of increased cloud coverage and volcanism induce ➤planetary cooling, therefore;
     earlier and longer winters,
     shorter springs,
     shorter, but warmer summers with ➤more hailstorms, ➤floods/drought, ➤forest fire, ➤quakes, ➤volcanic eruption, … thee jacked up planting seasons, threatening crops, global food international insecurity, stability, and so on, …

    The pope encourages you to eat leftover food, and Google News talks about Qanon; all distractions are in play as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies.

    Exciting times for humanity–worthwhile challenges as consciousness rises.

    Start growing your own food today. Spread the truth – these are natural cycles, and it’s up to us to build anti-fragile communities in order to thrive in the times ahead. Our global solution idea: ➤

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