• Food Crisis

    Global Food Crisis

    Thone Siharath | 01 Aug 2018

    Global Food production is collapsing

    "Nobody's prepared for this food crisis, ..." The severe weather events are increasing globally, strongest by 2021-2024: because of

     Finland posted its worst grain yield this century;
     The UK is under severe drought:
     The rest of Europe is in a dire same situation
     Orange peels and sour watermelons are the only things keeping some livestock alive in Australia.
     Damages due to weeks of extreme weather in Japan dramatically reduce food production:
     US 2018 farm income to drop by $59.5 billion:
     Many SE Asia countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar are flooded, more on the way:
     Venezuela is collapsing:
     Cape Town despair for rains to avoid running out of water
     Paid by their world cheap factories, with fewer people produce food, the Chinese will consume more driving food price upward:

     Effects on food production and prices are now global:


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