Flood & Drought

Why flood risk increase during Grand Solar Minimum, #miniIceAge, and long #IceAge Glaciation?

Rivers, Roads, Railways, airports, housing, cities flood will increase, insurance companies know it.  

Can it be explained? Absolutely yes. Because of increase of Galactic Cosmic Rays, as the Earth defense system is weakened by the Grand Solar Minimum. This weakness will bottom out by 2021 with slight return to lower than usual Solar Maximum #SolarCycle25 by 2035 to start the end of the Inter-glacial Warm Holidays and to return to the more dangerous period that many genuine scientists believe it will be the beginning of Very Long Ice Age Glaciation.


Recent research by a scientist has suggested that there could be an imminent 35-year period of low solar activity that could lead to cooler global temperatures.

If new models of the inner workings of the sun published by Professor Valentina Zharkova and her colleagues at Northumbria University on Tuesday are correct, then future variations in solar activity will be able to be predicted more accurately.

The sun is already known to have +/- 11-year cycles of sunspots coming and going on the surface. But models that rely on looking at external features of the stars have only had mixed success in predicting the solar cycles.

The sun’s magnetic fields come from two components from two different layers of its body, and the interactions between these two magnetic waves either magnifies or diminishes the sun’s intensity.

We are entering a period of reduced solar activity, meaning that a period of lower global temperatures that has started since 1998 contrary to IPCC, NASA, NOAA lies.

These conditions will be similar to those seen during the “Little Ice Age” of the 1600s, the peak of which was called the “Maunder Minimum,” a 70-year period when sunspots became extremely rare.

What about South EAst Asia and our SEAWAPA project ?

See tropic for rainy season. Therefore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, during this #GrandSolarMinimum, #SolarCycle25 #miniIceAge and #SolarCycle26 onward #iceAge, should expect massive flooding that will ruin big cities located at large basin, such as Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, even Vientiane. Have you questionned your common sense what destroyed Angkor lately?

My common sense answer is that quakes and repetitive floods, lack of food during last mini Ice-Age had brought many weather dependent system down. The story repeat itself, it's a Solar&Co cycles. On the positive side, only after some initial destruction that plan can be convinced as many politicians and bankers are being brainwashed, obstructed by depopulation policies, and therefore hard to convince until they know that they, their system, are at risk too.

  • Welcome to Grand Solar Minimum Flood

    Welcome to Grand Solar Minimum Flood

    The last #miniIceAge saw rain for years, and flooding that prevented crops from being planted or harvested, and many cities destroyed. As a result old Empires and civilization fell and new ones rise. This time #GrandSolarMinimum of #SolarCycle25 #miniIceAge and #SolarCycle26 onward #IceAge, American, European, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Australian economies will be hard hit together with their other dependent developing economy, a global event collapse unless solution implemented.


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  • "...research team analyzing satellite cloud records has found that the cloudy storm tracks on Earth are moving toward the poles and subtropical dry zones are expanding. Cloud tops are also moving higher in the atmosphere."
    Unless obstructed by long mountain chains such as the Himalaya allowing hot water vapor to cool down by cold air, condensate and fall. It's the law of thermodynamic.

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