Economic Crisis
Self-evident Solar driven Climate dictate our world economy

Boom during Solar Maximum

Not only the sun is the direct driver of Earth climate, just as Laos (plan) the not yet exploited Goldilocks region of Earth, and Earth the Goldilocks zone of the solar system, it is self-evident that within that, during the Solar maximum, globally the weather is better for mass food production. Mining, construction, transportation are cheaper as there are less weather related risks.
Consumers spend more, producers increase output to satisfy demands. The insurance, healthcare, infrastructures repairs expenditures plumet leading to higher earnings that redistribute back to consumers.
Bankers are more confident to expand money supply, the government loose regulations, leading to global equities and real estate peak.

Bust during Solar Minimum

The opposite happens during Solar Minimum. Global storm intensify increasing with wrong seasons in wrong places making mass food production more expensive. Mining, construction, transportation and others are also espensive as there are more weather related risks.

Consumers spend less, producers decrease output. The insurance, healthcare, infrastructures repairs expenditures increase leading to lower earnings and redundencies.

Bankers are less confident and retract money supply, the government tighten regulations leading to global equities and real estate collapses as demand plumet.

Catastrophic during modern Grand Solar Minimum, but new opportunity with solution

The Maunder Minimum of 1645-1715, lasted an incredible 70 years, roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, a period of low sunspot activity (a quiet sun). This low activity was correlated with a cooling period that caused crops to fail and had many impacts on the human economy.

During this Modern Grand Solar Minimum:

◘ in the case of zone above roughly 40° latitudes North and South depending polar votex changes:
- Outdoor crops will fail reducing livestock production, indoor farming will get flooded, destroyed, more expensive to operate,
- Transport network damages by increasing flood are leading to beyond repair,
- Nuclear Energy companies have to be phased out as it will be destroyed by advancing ice caps, and flood,
- The same for dams, water treatments, roads, buildings, ... the cities located above 40° latitudes North and South.

for region between the 40° latitudes North and South depending polar votex changes:

There are 3 categories:

1. Dominated by Ocean water, the seawater spaces are unoccupied so far

2. The developed land and reclaimed region such as the UAE, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand, each year from 2016, there is significant increase of water and weather risks. There will be infrastructures damages. Example freshwater will be everywhere but less drinking water. 

3. Badly designed or the let it be regions will need to be redeveloped for the new needs

Solution is the only option to avoid same mistakes made by civilisations before us. This is our lifetime only change to advance.

Mass Extinction event during Long Ice Age Glaciation

A 90,000 Year Long Ice Age Glaciation with abrupt warmings will bring global population down to under 100 million. This is not scaremongering, but reality if plan is not activated. This is the timeline

UN 2030 Agenda for "Sustainable Development"

If you don't know what UN 2030 Agenda for "Sustainable Development" is, it's not your fault because everything is controlled. These people are not enemies, they are doing business together:
- US, British, French, Russian, and Chinese Government
- Other Government are on the same team including North Korea, anyone not follow the agenda will be retired or eliminated (Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussain, JFK, ...)  
- Their corporate sponsors (International Bankers, the Military, Big Pharma &Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Tech companies, manufacturing, mass food, good, ... producers, mainstream media, education, entertainment industry, ...), see Tavistock Institute.

That's why there are so many distractions in the news; from Global Warming scare, the US-Chinese-Russian tension, Brexit, refugee crisis, Ukraine conflict (Russian food basket), the Middle-East, #FalseFlag(s), the North Korean threat, to the South China Sea dispute to steer everybody heads away from Grand Solar minimum followed by Long Ice Age Glaciation.
And if you do just set all of these distractions aside and look back this way where they don't want you to look, there is a major tsunami of societal changes coming. Police state, cashless society, strict border controls, wars, and other UN 2030 Agenda for "Sustainable Development" depopulation and development programs that you are all participating right now, are well on schedule: - reduce the world population to less than 1 billion, all food are from cancer causing GMOs for example, WW3, ... - Utopia society by destroying old and badly designed cities, not London, Dubai, Shanghai, New-York, ... to be rebuild, owned by them and you will have to work hard to pay the rent or to buy it. - Artificial Intelligence deployment; Boston Dynamic, DARPA, ... to replace killed useless, dirty, and lazy consumers. Many of you fall within these categories and are their enemies. This is why crisis and chaos are needed. - Space Age; our project plan fit in well.

What is today and near future real climate ?

Is it Global Warming? Is it going to be more Warming? or mini Ice-Age? or the beginning of Ice-Age Glaciation?

To know the true future, and apply the right solutions to minimize "looming catastrophe", we need to study past Climate, not Weather:

Weather is what you experience when you step outdoor on any given day of the month or year.

In other words, weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular location over a day, a season, a years, or a 11 years solar cycle (solar maximum weather is always warmer than solar minimum weather under same other factors' conditions; without heat from Oceans, magma, masses impacts influences, ...).

Climate is the average of the weather patterns in a location over a longer period of time.

Climate is at least 30 years average or much more by taking into consideration all types of factors, not just tiny man-made. It will help us to better understand, and allow us to take the right individual and collective decision accordingly.

  • Economic Crisis, what trigger it?

    Economic Crisis, what trigger it?

    SOLAR CYCLES Solar cycle has become a prominent item on the agenda of world concerns. It is a main driver of the world economy, health and safety, food production security, comfort living, and other dimensions. Without the sun, the entire solar system is frozen death.

    DIFFERENT BOOM AND BUST CYCLES Boom during solar maximum with expansion of money supply that follow the loose of Monetary & Fiscal Policy. Bust during solar minimum by retracting money supply after tightening the Monetary & Fiscal Policy. Catastrophic economy during Grand Solar minimum, and mass extinction event during Long Ice Age Glaciation.

  • Transition period consequences

    Transition period consequences

    - Many Corporations are closed and are about to go bankrupt
    - if a whopping 60% of banks worldwide don’t make some changes – and fast – they’ll struggle if and when a recession hits.
    - Food shortage is already causing their prices to skyrocket
    - People will need to decide between paying for food or for housing and bills
    - Housing market crash will occur.
    - Then will come mass starvation and homelessness
    - If you think you have a safe pension, it will be stolen

    What are Economic Recessions, and what are their different severity, duration, frequency, and intention?

    The Economic Recession is part of the boom (economic expansion) and bust (contraction) cycle alternating phases of economic growths and declines typically found in modern capitalist economies.

    During the boom the economy grows, jobs are plentiful and the market brings high returns to investors. In the subsequent bust, the economy shrinks, people lose their jobs and investors lose money. Boom-bust cycles last for varying lengths of Solar Cycle; they also link to vary in severity with sunspot cycles.

    This recession bust cycle is in line with the #GrandSolarMinimum, is a macroeconomic term that refers to a Grand significant decline in general economic activity as the designated and invested regions are at Grand Risks explained here:

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