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Traceability applied Global Risks Analysis and Solution; 2012 until now

My previous businesses supplied food and merchandise via Thai Restaurant Chains, Indian Restaurants, supermarkets chains around the world, and international airlines; if someone is sick after eating our food, we need to be able to trace problem(s) back to the source(s);

HACCP report(s) of the supermarket, airline involved will be forwarded to us 

The report(s) will be analysed to address through the control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards of our finished product backward from consumption, distribution, manufacturing, procurement and handling, and raw material production.

If not our fault, we will pass the report to our supplier(s) who will do the same job(s) and, in case the fault is not theirs, they will escalate the case to the authority who will check which farm, river were used to grow those raw materials, which companies discharged wastewater on that river, land, and air, and who worked that day, etc. ... 

"... whilst employed in an international chain of Thai restaurants and workshops, by moving around Europe, the Mideast, and Thailand, he worked his way up to become a shareholding director, based more in the London head office and master franchise branch of the restaurant. Thone moved around, specialising in computer-managing the whole chain of restaurants, especially the financial reports, food and menu engineering, including raw food and material purchasing, monthly consumption of resources, health standards, all the way to a traceability system demanded by the authorities as his companies catered for international airlines and supplied supermarkets and many others." -Schiller Institute.

  • About Hydroloop

    Hydroloop, a future-proof transport, energy, and space exploration system

    Facing many present and future risks, there is only one feasible solution that can solve them most if not all.

    The Hydroloop(r) system: freshwater collection, transfer, distribution, recycling, heating/cooling system, transport without fossil-fuel, electricity generation and distribution. The Hydroloop(r) system will allow incorporation of the fast delivery system, mass food production with less packaging, fresher and more abundance, greening the planet, flood and drought control, fire protection system, comfort housing, space exploration, ... The possibility is limitless.

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Much of the capital available at HYDROLOOP is provided on a subscription basis – where HYDROLOOP underwriters join together as Corporates/Syndicates and where Corporates/Syndicates members join together.

As an independent organisation and regulator, corporates/syndicates funds will be mainly used:
  • to maintain, promote economic growth, and underwrite human progress
  • to protect our syndicates market's reputation and services
  • to fund research, to reports and analyse all field of industry's knowledge bases
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about joining us or register to be part of our syndicate's Global Solutions.
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Our enemies and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in our reports so as not to alarm our members about the many risks (hydroloop.org/solar) and events to come, a stance that hydroloop.org strongly disagree with. Due to our missions' conflicts with those enemies, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us.