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For Type One Civilisation and beyond.

To whom it may concern,

The following proposition is not only extremely rare and unique, but it is also entirely inclusive in that it will be able to satisfy and fulfil not only all of the basic needs and requirements of life for all mankind, but it will also enable and support millions of diverse peoples to thrive and strive, to achieve their own true and uniquely individual potentials.
To “thrive and strive” is the summary objectives of not only the creation of this exciting self-fulfilling prophecy but also the realisation and actuation of the hopes and dreams of millions of peoples for a peaceful and harmonious post-COVID relationship not only with their natural environment but also with each other.
First came inspiration, then came belief, then came the gestation and creation of that all-encompassing solution so eagerly awaited and necessary. The contractions will start soon, the time is right; the time is now, for the financial inducement of the birthing; The Hydroloop® System©. 

What is The Hydroloop® System©  

Mass Transportation has always been the key to development

The recent modern Energy transitions has resulted in the depletion of limited and irresponsible energy sources, For example, whale oil for illumination and wood for iron smelting in Europe, palm trees for oil, food for ethanol... Lately, the transition to solar and wind was proven big mistakes and Elon Musk Hyperloop a failure. If Arab oil states do not wean their economies off the black stuff toward what we propose here, they will suffer a similar fate.

The Hydroloop® System© is the solution to: 

  • • solve flood and drought,
  • • solve pollution,
  • • solve energy crisis, food crisis, and water stress.
  • • solve climate change related issues,
  • • solve desertification,
  • • increase food production and land values in areas such as desert-belts,
  • • restore biodiversity globally,
  • • solve Hyperloop, SpaceX, and NASA unsolvable problems.

The Hydroloop® System© 6 challenges in-one

The next cleanest multi-function mass transport system.

The Hydroloop® System© will use clean energy from gravity, kinetic, geothermal combined as main power making it the cleanest mass transport system that will provide other 5 benefits.

The Hydroloop® System© will clean dirty streets, rivers, replace fossil fuels, reduce dying trees, extinguish wildfires, increase green spaces in cities and deserts, ... making air cleaner.

To promote healthy lifestyle and healthy food, reduce inequities in the opportunities and resources. To improve working conditions, education, income with more focus on excluded or marginalized groups.

The Hydroloop® System© could tackle both global warming and global cooling, adjust sea-level, exchange heat/cold mechanically by using less fossil fuel.

Integrate Public/Private Partnership (PPP). Global and large-scale new products and services will increase well-paid multi-generational jobs, Private profit margin and Public GDP and tax revenues. Debts will be reduced and pension funds shortfalls avoided...

Globally, interconnect water and electricity grid, at the same time transporting people, goods, link fiber optics and connect all them to space above to make the mass exploration of the in-finite possible.

World Water Challenges

All-in-One solution to global water issues, energy crisis, space exploration... 


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